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Tower Packings, Trays, Internals, Mass transfer equipments, Chemical process equipments, KEVIN enterprises, Norton, Structured Packings, Medal-Pak, Tall-Pak, Montz, Raschig, Mellapack, IMTP Location Maps
Tower Packing
Medal-Pak Medal-Pak ( formerly sold as Norton's IMTP® ) gives the best of both worlds in terms of performance (i.e. low-pressure drop and high efficiency). It can be effectively used in both high pressure and vacuum towers.

Other advantages include large effective interfacial area, high mechanical strength, and low cost. Its monolithic construction overcomes the problem of  "opening out " at the ends as can be experienced with ring-shaped packings. Medal-Pak is available in an array of sizes to provide multiple combinations of efficiency and pressure drop. Medal-Pak can be fabricated from a variety of metals including, but not limited to, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium and Zirconium.

The following sizes are available:
No.15, No.25, No.40, No.50, No.70
Medal Pak
Tall-Pak Tall-Pak (formerly sold as Hy-Pak® ) is an excellent substitute for traditional Pall Rings and is considered to be one of the most efficient ring-type random packings. At almost the same efficiency, it provides lower pressure drop than a Pall Ring.

It also increases the interfacial area available for gas-liquid contact. It’s unique design incorporates strength reinforcing ribs that allow for lower thickness and taller beds, thus reducing procurement costs when compared to traditional Pall Rings.

The following sizes are available:
Nominal Size No. 1(30mm), No. 1.5(45mm), No. 2(60mm), No. 3(90mm).
Tall Pak
Pall Ring Pall Rings are traditional ring type packing with a large global installed base and well documented performance history. They are available in metal & plastic material.

Both are available in following sizes (mm):
16, 25, 38, 50, etc.
Pall Ring
Tierce Ring Tierce Rings are also ring type packings but with an approximate diameter to height aspect ratio of 3:1 and are further flared along the periphery for strengthening of packing

Carbon Raschig Ring
Carbon Raschig Ring Raschig rings made from Carbon or Graphite are used in specific applications demanding good corrosion and thermal shock resistance. They are resistant to most acids, alkalis and solvents at temperatures as high as 150°C and also display good erosion resistance. At the same time they have high crushing strength, thus have a long life

They are available in following sizes (mm):
10, 19, 25, 38, 50 & 75
Carbon Raschig Ring
Super Saddles

Super Saddles are the improved version of the original saddles. They are designed to give the enhance internal gas and liquid distribution. The unique scalloped edge is the key to the product's high performance in terms of higher capacity and improved rates of mass transfer when compared to traditional plastic saddles. It also serves to overcome the problem of nesting that is commonly encountered with ordinary saddles.

These saddles are available in plastic & ceramics both. Plastic Super Saddles are used where temperature are less & services is corrosive.

Ceramic saddles are used where temperature required are high along with chemical attack resistance these saddles are offered with a glazed construction to enhance the capacity and reduce porosity

Omni-Pak Omni-Pak (formerly sold as Snowflake® ) is a high-performance plastic packing. It offers superior efficiency and capacity in environmental application such as scrubbing and stripping. Its distinctive shape lowers the pressure drop, which significantly reduces energy consumption. Its various applications include ASU, DCA, fume scrubbing, acid gas absorption, VOC stripping, wastewater treatment, flue gas scrubbing, etc. It gives higher efficiency compared to Pall Rings 38 mm (1.5 inches) and larger as well as #2 Plastic Super Saddles and larger.
Omni Pak
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